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Multi Cake Depositor


Technical Features

Specially designed Multi cake depositor in full stainless steel body & parts with leak proof hopper and Injection system design for mass production of muffins, bar cakes, sheet cakes etc. The machine is available in 16"/18"/24" sizes with variable dropping points as per tray. Machine can perform the following functions:-

  • The machine has moveable/ adjustable nozzles to drop from one nozzle in one tray or from two / three nozzles in one mould.The nozzles can be moved/ blocked as and when required.
  • Depositing cup cake batter/ similar viscosity batter of any sort.
  • he machine can perform repeatedly with accuracy.
  • The weight of the cake can be 10 gm to 2 kg.
  • The machine is also fitted with a PLC and touchscreen display from where the operator can feed the dosage & store them for future quick changeovers.
  • The machine can also be customized as per the requirement.
NO. OF Cakes/Row Tray Width Required Max. Production Capacity Per Hour Weight Of Machine Dimension of Machine (L*W*H) Power Load KW
6 16″ or 18″ 150 kg 600 kg 800 x 850 x 1650 1.5 kw
8 24″ 210 kg 850 kg 800 x 1200 x 1650 2 kw
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