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Technical Features

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  • The machine has three attachments.
  • a) A handgun for manual operation.
  • b) A muffin conveyor to deposit into trays.
  • c) A circular conveyor for depositing into different shaped moulds
  • The weight of the Cake can be between 10 to 500g grams.
  • The machine is also fitted with a PLC and computer from where the operator can feed the dosage & store them for future quick changeovers.
  • The unique advantage of the machine is that it can handle big chunks of Fruits & Dry-fruits in bigger cakes on a circular conveyor.
  • The low height, Large Capacity of the better hopper makes it convenient for the operator to tilt the Full batch into the hopper manually. There is no need of transfer pump.
Power Load KWDimension of Machine (L*W*H)Weight Of MachineModel
-800 X 600 X 1400300 kgSpot Cake Depositor
1 KW--Muffin Conveyor
2 KW--Circular Conveyor

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Goodlife Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in the year 2007, as a renowned BAKERY EQUIPMENT SPECIALISTS FOR OVER 15 YEARS. Goodlife Technologies offer the best consultation, trouble-free installation, and after-sales services, your trusted bakery equipment partner. Our various range of products encompasses Cookies Drop Machine, Planetary Mixers, Cake Depositors, Cake Injector, Cookies Extruder, Spot Cake Depositor and many more.

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