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Technical Features

Huge range of products!.

  • Specially designed double hopper injector cum depositor for multifunctional activities
  • The machine has two hoppers which are independently controlled by computer.
  • One hopper can be used to depositing cake dough and second hopper can be used for injecting cream in baked cakes.
  • Center filling injector filler with conveyor suitable for 16"/18"/24" Tray width & 5& 7 dropping points in competed stainless steel body & parts.
  • Machine is fitted with Panasonic servo advance motor.
  • Injecting in cakes/buns (post baking)
  • Depositing cup cake batter /similar viscosity batter of any sort.
  • The machine injects accurately repeatedly.
  • The machine is also fitted with a PLC and touchscreen display from where the operator can feed the dosage & store them for future quick changeovers.
  • The machine can also be customized as per the requirement.
NO. OF Cookies Per RowTray Width RequiredMax. Production Capacity Per HourDimension of Machine (L*W*H)Power Load KW
516" or 18"13200 Pcs /Hr.1575*1575*16502.5 KW
724"18480 Pcs/Hr.1575*1775*16503.0 KW

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Goodlife Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in the year 2007, as a renowned BAKERY EQUIPMENT SPECIALISTS FOR OVER 15 YEARS. Goodlife Technologies offer the best consultation, trouble-free installation, and after-sales services, your trusted bakery equipment partner. Our various range of products encompasses Cookies Drop Machine, Planetary Mixers, Cake Depositors, Cake Injector, Cookies Extruder, Spot Cake Depositor and many more.

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